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5 Easy Energy Saving Tips for March

5 Easy Energy Saving Tips for March

Everyone wants to save money and help the environment by reducing their energy consumption. However there are a lot of different blogs and ideas out there on how to do it, some more practical then others. So we’ve put together 5 easy things you can implement straight away to help reduce your energy usage and even better your power bill.

1. Turn off lights you’re not using

By all means, don’t go walking around in the dark with a candle, just be aware of turning the lights off as you leave each room and making sure your not lighting up the whole house for no reason. It’s easy not to notice lights on during the day, so make sure you do a quick check before you leave home and teach your family to be mindful as well. If there’s particular lights that always get left on, such as the wardrobe or garage lights, consider having a sensor installed to make life easier.

2. Make sure you’re using energy efficient globes

You don’t have to run out and buy expensive LED globes, although it’s a good option. Simply make sure you have a stock of quality energy saving globes, i.e. not halogen or incandescent globes so each time a globe blows you can replace it with an energy efficient option.

3. Only wash a full load and wash on cold

If possible try to plan ahead and only wash a full load rather than, a few things you desperately need for the next day. Washing on cold can also help, by saving the energy used to heat the water, plus you’ll reduce the risk shrinking any clothes. Also only use a dryer when you have to, if the sun is out why not hang the sheets outside for the afternoon.

4. Switch appliance’s off at the wall

This is really easy to do, you may have appliances on that you only use once a week. Take note of what you’re not using everyday and make sure you turn it off at the wall. Even easy to access outlets for everyday items like the toaster and kettle can be easily turned off between use.

5. Change your heating or cooling by just one degree

Sometimes we get a little impatient and crack the air-conditioner (AC) or heater in an effort to get the quickest result. However having standard temperatures for your family to stick to can really help out with your power bill at the end of the day. It’s recommended to set your AC to 24 -25 degrees in summer and 17-19 degrees in winter. Even if that’s too conservative for you, changing your habits by just 1 degree can make a big difference.


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