Welcome to Bluegum

Your Local Electric Experts Since 2014

Bluegum started out as a simple idea in Gisborne: to provide top-notch electrician services with a personal touch. 

10 years on, we are not just fixing wires but enhancing homes with smart energy solutions like solar, air conditioning, and all those essential electric upgrades. We’re about making your home more efficient and comfortable, tailored to fit your family’s lifestyle. 

Leading the charge are Chantel & Josh Gilbert, true Gisborne locals who believe in making the most of technology and sunshine to power up your life.

Our Promise to You

At Bluegum, our commitment is simple: to help you find the right energy solutions for your home.

We understand that every household is unique, and our goal is to provide personalised advice and services that align with your specific needs. Whether it’s about reducing your energy bills, enhancing comfort, or taking a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

With our expertise in solar and smart electric solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you live a comfortable, cost-effective, and sustainable life right under your own roof.

“Our approach is practical and genuine – if we wouldn't use a product in our own home, we won't recommend it to you. It's that simple.”

Chantel Gilbert CEO

Our Experts

Our team at Bluegum is the local force behind our expertise. Located right at 52A McDougall Road, Sunbury, each of our team members is not just an expert in their field but also a local who genuinely understands your specific energy needs. We’re proud of our rigorous in-house training, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with the latest in smart home energy solutions. Ready to offer advice, installation, or maintenance, our local, highly-trained crew is dedicated to helping your home become energy-smart in the most effective and trustworthy way.

CEO & Co-Founder
Director of Operations& Co-founder

Our Integrated Energy Solutions at Bluegum

What sets Bluegum apart is our holistic approach to home energy. Our services—electrical upgrades, solar systems, battery storage, air conditioning, EV chargers, and heat pump hot water systems—are not standalone. They’re part of a home energy ecosystem. By integrating these solutions, you can harness the sun’s power, transforming your living space into a haven of comfort and convenience.

Bluegum Integrated Energy Solutions

Bluegum: Your Award-Winning Local Expert

It’s not just talk – our awards speak for our commitment to excellence. Bluegum is proud to be recognised for our dedication to customer service and quality installations.

Our accolades include:

These awards underscore our promise to be the trusted local expert you can rely on for all your home energy needs.

Committed to Community and Sustainability

At Bluegum, our connection to the community goes beyond services. We’re active Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group members, advocating for a sustainable future and educating our neighbours about the benefits of eco-friendly energy solutions.