Keep Your Solar at Peak Performance with Regular Servicing

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Does Your Solar System Feel a Bit… Sluggish?

Like a lot of homeowners, you made the wise decision to switch to solar energy.

Yet, you might be asking yourself, “Why isn’t my system performing at its peak?”

Every solar system needs a regular ‘check-up’ to ensure it’s doing its job efficiently and safely.

That’s where Bluegum steps in – with local solar servicing that ensures your solar system’s optimum performance and longevity.

How often should I service my solar?

While debris and condition may vary, at Bluegum we recommend servicing your solar annually.

Why Servicing Your Solar Is Important

A solar service consists of two key elements: cleaning and safety checks. Here’s why both are important:

1. Cleaning

Over time, your solar panels can accumulate dirt, grime, and other debris that can impact their performance. By having your solar panels professionally cleaned every two years, you can increase their efficiency and longevity. Plus, who doesn’t love shiny clean panels on their roof?

2. Safety Checks

Your solar system is a mini power station on your property, which means it’s important to ensure it’s functioning safely. During a solar service, our team will perform a safety check to ensure everything is in good working order and to identify any potential issues before they become bigger problems. This can prevent system faults, fires, and other safety hazards.

Service Your Solar Regularly to For

Enhanced Efficiency

Dusty panels mean less sunlight absorption and hence, less energy production. A clean system will give you more energy.

Extended Life-span

Regular maintenance can add years to your system, ensuring steady energy production for a long time.

Ensured Safety

Our safety check will ascertain that your system is operating correctly and safely, reducing the risk of equipment failure or even fires.

Here’s What You Get…

When You Book a Bluegum Solar Service


(Valued at $250)

So we can discover your expectations and future plans to make sure we design a system that’s right for you.

Safety Check

(Valued at $150)

To get the lay of the land, so we give the best recommendations to suit your property and make sure your solar looks great!


(Valued at $100)

Don’t Let Your Solar System Go to Waste
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