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The Most Cost-Effective Option To Heat & Cool Your Home

Ever wondered what a Split System Air Conditioner is?

It’s a versatile cooling and heating unit that runs on electricity, using efficient heat pump technology to give you more bang for your buck.

Whether you need it wall-mounted or ducted, there’s a split system that fits just right in your home.

They’re smart, too. Thanks to Inverter technology, they adjust their power to maintain the ideal temperature in your home without costing a fortune to operate.

And here’s a bonus: If you have solar, a split systems can run on the energy you produce. That means even more savings and a greener way to keep your home comfortable.

Why Choose Split System Air-Conditioner

Cost Effective to Run

With renewable power readily available either from your own solar or the grid, split systems make more with less helping the environment & your pocket.

Heats & Cools

Heating and cooling your home in one, offering a complete solution for your comfort. Save on space, maintenance costs and the hassle of two systems.

More Control

You’ll have control over the temperature, and for ducted solutions have zones to reduce the running costs. You can even set rules using the wi-fi capabilities.

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“Bluegum installed my AC and serviced my existing system and they were very good and cleaned up all mess and the installation was done with great care.”

Ian Melton
Went Above And Beyond

Fantastic as always!! The guys installing our air conditioning were lovely and went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect. Thank you so much.

Rueben & Samantha Davison
“Looks Amazing”

“Rhys and Nick did an amazing job. Very professional. So happy with the job they have done. The air conditioner looks amazing!”

Karen Yee

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We take the time to get to know your family rather than a one size fits all approach that can cost you money or leave you without the cooling you need this summer.

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We will give you written recommendations with Brands you can trust and the RIGHT size unit for your needs, including a comprehensive fixed price quote.

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