Solar Panel Installation and Battery Storage

Solar designed for you…

Keen to get solar panels installed, but you’re overwhelmed by the bombarding cold calls and slimy sales tactics? Need someone local to provide, clear, personalised advice you can trust?

Then Bluegum Solar is for you…

We created Bluegum Solar to help you get a personalised solution to your needs. To provide you honest, genuine advice when navigating the opportunities of solar. To give you peace of mind using a local business that will be here for you when you need us most.

We’ve seen a lot of poor solar system installs and heard from clients not getting the results promised. The solar market is a minefield of the dodgy installer and large marketing companies only interested in the sale. We wanted you to get the best possible result and outcome for your home. Not a one size fits all, ‘she’ll be right’ approach.

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Installing Solar: The REAL Secret to a $0 Electricity Bill

“Each Bluegum solar system is planned and designed based on your needs and property just for YOU. Only then can we maximise your output and align your design with your lifestyle and objectives.”

Chantel Gilbert, General Manager. 

The Bluegum difference – we give you the right solar solution.

A Bluegum Solar Consult will look at all your options and provide appropriate recommendations personalised to your family and home.

Accurate projections

Instead of using generic profiles and google maps, we use your smart meter data to accurately predict your payback period and system output based on your property and usage. So you can make an informed decision with all the facts.

Quality materials

We only use quality materials that we trust with warranties you can count on.

Personalised design

Every household or business is different, and our solar systems are custom designed to suit you. Making sure you maximise your return on investment and get the most of the rebates available.

Qualified team

With your solar panel installation completed by our local Bluegum team of qualified electricians, you get the best quality finish and highest attention to detail.

Common solar disasters we see every day!

  • Panels installed in the complete shade
  • Cheap inverters getting too hot
  • Solar system unknowingly no longer working
  • Panels catching fire
  • Electrical Isolators melting
  • Dangerous switchboards ignored

Your Bluegum Solar Consult (Valued at $397)

Solar can deliver amazing results when installing well and design to suit you. Our Solar consult Includes:

  • Custom design solar system
  • Detailed on-site survey
  • Switchboard inspection
  • Roof Inspection
  • Usage review

Is the Solar Consult right for me?

Our Solar Consult is a custom designed solution tailored to your property and usage.

A Bluegum Solar Consult is right for you if:

  • You need expert advice and personalised approach
  • You want quality products, guaranteed to last
  • You want a local family owned business
  • You want to avoid the pushy sales reps
  • You want the best possible solution

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If you have grand plans for your home, we have the solution! Install solar panels, switch to an all-electric home, install solar hot water or a heat pump hot water system.
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