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Why waste time searching for a charger when you could have the convenience of one at home?
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Power Up Your EV with Seamless Home Charging

Transform Your Driving Experience: Charge Faster, Drive Smarter, and Save Big with a Home EV Charger.

Are you excited about your new EV but want to keep it topped up? Perhaps you’ve had to plan your trips meticulously to find charging stations or had to wait for more charge before you could leave the house.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

An EV should add to your lifestyle, not take away from it. What if you could charge your EV fast at home, making your daily life more convenient and efficient? Better yet, what if you could help create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for us all?

With a Home EV Charger, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – fast, hassle-free EV charging and uncompromised convenience for your daily life.

All while saving you time and money – lots of it!

A Charging Solution to Make Charging Easy and Save You Money

Fronius Wattpilot: Smart EV Charging in Sunbury & The Macedon Ranges

At Bluegum, we stand by products that we believe in—those we’d confidently install in our own homes. The Fronius Wattpilot is a prime example, proudly installed at both Bluegum HQ in Sunbury and the home of our founders in Gisborne, Chantel and Josh.

Here’s why it’s our top pick:

Fast Charging Electric Vehicles using a standard powerpoint can exceed 35 hours—that’s nearly a day and a half! With the Fronius Wattpilot, your EV charging at home is not just faster; it puts you in charge of your time and costs. Fast charging means you’re always ready to go, whether you’re topping up quickly after a last-minute decision or taking advantage of low overnight rates for a full charge.

Adaptive Power

The Fronius Wattpilot dynamically adjusts its charging speed to match your home’s available power capacity. This is ideal if your home is at its power limit and upgrading to three-phase isn’t feasible. The charger seamlessly scales up or down to prevent circuit overloads, ensuring the quickest charge your home can handle.

Solar Integration

A charger that is solar-aware maximizes your investment in solar energy. With the Fronius Wattpilot, you can choose to charge your EV using solar power, tapping into a renewable source that’s both cost-efficient and environmentally conscious. Imagine the satisfaction of fueling your drives with energy harnessed from the sun right at your doorstep.

A Home EV Charger Is For You, If want

To Save Money

Having a smart charger allows you to charge from your solar for free automatically avoid peak rates, and always charge at the cheapest rate. Saving you money and time.


No more planning around chargers or setting alarms to plug in at midnight, a home charger will take care of all the thinking, all you need to do it plug it in when you get home and walk away.


Whether you are worried about overloading your powerpoint or running out of battery on your way home, the Watt pilot is the easiest and safest way to charge your car.

Here’s What You Get…

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So we can discover your expectations and future plans to make sure we design a system that’s right for you.

Site Inspection

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To get the lay of the land, so we give the best recommendations to suit your property and make it look great!

Usage Review

(Valued at $100)

We look at how much power and when you use it, so we can design for winter months as well as summer.

Over $500 of Value Yours Absolutely FREE When You Book Your Consult Now

What Is it Costing You NOT Charging at home?


How much MONEY are you sending at the charging station for fast charging away from home? When you could be charging fast on off-peak rates overnight or charging from the Sun for free with a Fronius Watt Pillot EV Charger.

Not Using Solar

Most EV chargers are not solar aware, which means they can’t charge from excess solar on autopilot; if you have an EV and Solar, why not power your drive from the sun, its free.

Wasting Time

How much TIME are you wasting sitting at the charging station or worrying if your car will charge in time for you to leave? Save time, increase convenience and save money with a dedicated home EV charger.

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Chantel, Bluegum CEO Plugging in her EV at home

Our Story…

Bluegum CEO Chantel has an EV and loves using her Wattpilot to charge.

With three young kids and a big job to do, Chantel values the convenience of the Fronius Wattpilot. Chantel Drives a Volvo CX40 Recharge and loves it! Charging off solar both at Bluegum HQ and home.

“I love never having to go to the petrol station again! Why chase public chargers when you can charge fast for less in your own garage.”

Will a Home EV-Charger Work For ME?

If you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to say you’re thinking about an EV Charger. And we think that’s fantastic! But we also understand you may have a few reservations – totally normal. So, let’s look at some of the concerns I know you might have…

“I can get by on trickle charge from a powerpoint. Why would I waste money on a dedicated charger…?”

I get it! Money doesn’t grow on trees, and we’re all trying to make smart choices with our hard-earned cash. But here’s a thought: what if you forget to plug it in one night or do a few big km days in a row… Most EVs take 35 + hours to fully charge a standard powerpoint; that’s more than a day…

If you plan to use your EV for more than driving to the shops once a week, you need a more reliable, convenient charging solution at home to get the most out of your EV. An EV should enhance your lifestyle, not take away from it.

“But I can just use the local charging station instead; I don’t need to charge at home…”

It’s true, you can pay to charge at a local charging station, but if you dislike going to the petrol station, you might not relish the uncertainty and time it takes, let alone if someone is already charging and there’s only one spot or worse it’s out of commission waiting repair.

One of the best things about being an EV driver is the freedom and control. Being independent of the fuel increases having control over how you power your drive, whether that’s from the grid or solar. While charging stations are great for road trips, you’ll enjoy your EV more if you’re not reliant on them for your daily commute.

“I’m at work all day, so I can only charge at night.”

Oh, we get it! You’ve put a lot of love into your home, and the last thing you want is for it to look like a spaceship. But consider this: solar panels can actually give your home a modern, forward-thinking look. And we promise to find the best fit that aligns with your home’s aesthetic.

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