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Reduce The Cost of Heating Your water by up to 75% with an Istore Heat-pump

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Reduce The Running Cost of Your Hot Water by up to 75%

Do you know how much it’s costing you to heat your water?

You may be surprised to learn that some households are spending between 18 – 50% of their energy costs on hot water alone!

A heat pump hot water system can reduce your running costs by up to 75% (Crazy, Right?).

So, what is a heat pump?

It’s a technology that allows you to do more with less. Generating more heating or cooling capacity with less energy. An air-conditioner uses a heat pump. For example, instead of a one-to-one ratio, it uses 1kW of power to generate 4kW of heating capacity.

Using a heat pump hot water system, you can heat your water for less cost, and when pairing it with a solar system, you can power your hot water from the sun.

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Why Replace Your Hot Water System With A Heat Pump

A Piece Your Complete Home Energy Solution

Whether you’ve got gas or electric hot water, moving to a heat pump solution is essential to your complete home energy solution.

What’s wrong with traditional Hot Water Systems?

Gas hot water has no option for renewable power (Natural Gas is not clean or renewable).

An electric element hot water uses a lot of energy in a short amount of time, making it difficult to match with solar production and will likely even use more power than any other appliance in your home, with a 1:1 ratio.

A Heat pump hot water uses up to 75% less energy, with a 1:4 ratio to achieve the same result as a traditional element hot water system and even comes with a built-in timer, ready to be powered by the Sun.

Heat your water for less with renewable energy.

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Government Incentives Avaliable

There are THOUSANDS of dollars up for grabs to help you save money when changing to a heat pump. These are in the form of three different incentives.


Save up to $800

Small Scale technology Certificates (STC’s) apply when replacing any hot water system with a heat pump. The value can vary, you can expect to save up to $800.


Save up to $800

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates apply to the replacement of Electric Element systems to heat pump. The value can vary, you can expect to save up to $800.

Solar Vic

Save up to $1,000

Solar Victoria has a fixed rebate that requires an application. You need a combined household income under $210,000 to be eligible. If eligible you can expect to save $1,000.

That’s up to $2,500 Incentives!
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Solar Designed For YOU!

Getting You The BEST Solar Solution Includes Three Simple Steps!

To save money with sacrificing your comfort

With an Istore Heat Pump, you can reduce your bill without compromising on your comfort, by increasing your home efficiency, making more with less.

Get more from your Solar system

The increased efficiency of the Heat pump & and inbuilt timer means you can heat your water from your solar, even if you have a smaller solar system.

You want to move away from Gas

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