Bathroom renovations and power-point locations

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Bathroom Renovations – Important considerations regarding power-point locations!

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting prospect, but it can easily turn very stressful and costly if you’re not prepared. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you avoid costly mistakes when it comes to the electrical fit out.
Please note, this does not cover all of the electrical rules, you will still require assistance from your electrician, however it should help you avoid making costly mistakes when designing the layout.

As you know, water and electricity don’t mix well and can be dangerous. There are strict regulations around the location of power-points, switches and lights within a wet area like a bathroom. It’s important to be aware of these regulations to ensure your plans are compliant and that you don’t make any subsequent changes that could jeopardize that compliance.

Power-point locations & sinks

Having power-points near the vanity is ideal for plugging in your GHD straightener, hairdryer or shaver and a must for most households but there are rules you need to abide by.
The first thing you need to consider is whether the sink’s water capacity is less than 45L as there are different rules depending on the capacity. The below diagram demonstrates the positioning of power-points so they comply with regulations for sinks with less than 45L capacity, with a fixed tap:

  • Power-points must be a minimum of 150mm from the edge of the water container (i.e bathroom sink). However, Bluegum recommends you allow at least 300mm, just to be safe.
  • Power-points must be a minimum height of 400mm above the top of the water container.

If in doubt, always allow more room to be safe!


Minimum distance between water container to power-point, for less than 45L water capacity

Image source: AS3000/2007
The below diagram demonstrates the following requirements for sinks with more than 45L capacity (i.e. laundry sink):

  • Power-points must be a minimum of 1m above the top of the water container.
  • Power-points must also be a minimum of 0.5m from the edge of the water container.

Minimum distance between water container to power-point, for more than 45L water capacity

Image source: AS3000/2007

Lighting Considerations

As a general rule, we tend to advise against pendant lights in bathrooms, as few people have big enough bathrooms to get the distance from water required. A pendant above a bath, although often seen in magazines, on TV renovation shows and even in display homes is actually a big NO, NO! If you are desperate to have pendants in your bathroom, please make sure you consult your electrician early on in the build process to ensure the lights comply with the electrical regulations. Pendant lights need to be low voltage and positioned in accordance with the rules which in many bathrooms isn’t actually achievable.
If you are considering down-lights for your bathroom, they can be installed above a shower as long as they have an IPX4rating.

Showers & Baths

When considering power-points and switches near the showers and baths you will need to consult your electrician as there are different distance requirements depending on the shower, tap and screen.
If you have a small space to work with, having a fixed shower head in an enclosed shower is a good start. Speak to your electrician regarding your specific circumstances for more advice on this.

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