Bluegum’s Singapore Adventure to the REC Solar Panel Factory

Recently, our Bluegum team took a little adventure to Singapore.

It wasn’t for the street food (although we indulged!) or the shimmering skyline views from Marina Bay Sands. We ventured to the heart of the bustling city-state to get an up-close look at where our solar panels come from—the REC Solar Factory.

We suited up to enter the factory and saw the production line from start to finish. Unfortunately, we couldn’t film inside due to REC’s innovative technology, but here’s a fun video of us suiting up!

So, you might wonder, “Why the trek all the way to Singapore?”

Well, we’re a curious bunch. We believe in suggesting only what we trust. We wanted to see firsthand how the panels, the very ones we have on our home and installed on many Macedon Ranges and Sunbury homes, are manufactured.

And wow, it was a sight to behold. The dedication, the quality, and the sheer innovation were genuinely special.

But here’s the deal.

With our electricity bills sky-rocketing recently, there’s been a surge of interest in solar. And why wouldn’t there be? It’s a smart move.

But here’s where things get a bit dicey:

We’ve noticed families making 5 avoidable solar mistakes. Mistakes that aren’t just minor hiccups. They can end up draining your wallet in the long run.

So, what if you could sidestep those pitfalls?

What if you had the insider info to ensure you get the RIGHT solar that worked brilliantly for you?

That’s where we come in.

We’re hosting a free info session, and we’d love for you to join. It’s called “The Real Secret to a $0 Electricity Bill“. No frills, no strings attached, just genuine insights to help you harness the sun’s potential.

Catch you there. Let’s shine a light on a brighter, greener, and smarter future together.

Chantel Gilbert

Author: Chantel Gilbert

Chantel brings her professional qualifications, entrepreneurial edge and passion for customer service together in her role as General Manager of Bluegum Electrical Solutions. Chantel is our go-to for all things to with the Solar Rebates and is a pro at dealing with PowerCor & Jemena. She is challenging the stereotypes in the trade industry and surprising their customers with quality and kindness.

Along the way, Chantel has bagged multiple Excellence in Customer Service Awards on behalf of Bluegum and is the proud recipient of the 2016 Young Business Person of the Year.

Whether she is on the netball court, at the gym or out bushwalking, Chantel is always thinking about the next innovative step for Bluegum and how they can continue to raise the bar and exceed their customer’s expectations.