Embrace Convenience at Home Without Compromising on Sustainability

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, where convenience is king, it’s easy to fall into the trap of quick fixes that feel like they’re saving us time but cost the Earth—literally.

As a CEO juggling work and three kiddos, I’m the first to admit to using the dryer in summer or pumping the air conditioner when there’s a more sustainable way.

But here’s the twist: going green doesn’t mean giving up the conveniences we’ve come to love.

Enter the Era of All-Electric, Solar-Powered Living

Why choose between convenience and sustainability when you can have both?

Imagine a home where running your dryer on a not-so-sunny day, keeping a freezer full of time-saving meals, and ensuring cozy bedrooms for the little ones don’t have to weigh on your conscience or your wallet.

The Best of Both Worlds, Plus Saving Money!

That’s right. With solar panels soaking up the sun and an all-electric setup powering your home, you’re looking at a life where convenience meets sustainability head-on. And the kicker? It’s kinder to your bank account, too.

We’re talking significant savings on those energy bills, leaving more in your pocket for whatever your heart desires.

So, What’s Holding You Back?

Transitioning to a solar-powered, all-electric home is like upgrading to the latest smartphone.

It’s sleek, efficient, and a no-brainer. We’re here to make it easy with a seamless, expandable ecosystem that grows with you. It’s all about creating a home that loves the planet as much as you do—minus the guilt trip.

Chantel Gilbert, CEO – Bluegum Electrical Solutions


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Chantel Gilbert

Author: Chantel Gilbert

Chantel brings her professional qualifications, entrepreneurial edge and passion for customer service together in her role as General Manager of Bluegum Electrical Solutions. Chantel is our go-to for all things to with the Solar Rebates and is a pro at dealing with PowerCor & Jemena. She is challenging the stereotypes in the trade industry and surprising their customers with quality and kindness.

Along the way, Chantel has bagged multiple Excellence in Customer Service Awards on behalf of Bluegum and is the proud recipient of the 2016 Young Business Person of the Year.

Whether she is on the netball court, at the gym or out bushwalking, Chantel is always thinking about the next innovative step for Bluegum and how they can continue to raise the bar and exceed their customer’s expectations.