If I Add a Battery to My Solar, Will I Get a Zero Bill?

Ever thought about boosting your solar setup with a battery? With rising power costs and shrinking feed-in tariffs, everyone’s pondering that tantalising “zero bill” dream.

The answer? “It depends.”

Every home is unique. A battery like the Tesla Powerwall offers robust energy storage.

However, zeroing out your bill depends on:

  • The energy you’re currently sending back to the grid.
  • Your nighttime energy use.
  • Daily supply charges.
  • The battery’s storage capacity.

For some, the numbers align for near-zero bills. Others might shave off expenses, ensure backup, or need to adopt more energy-efficient solutions as well, like heat pump hot water.

A battery lets you tap into renewable solar power around the clock. Whether that’s firing up the dishwasher in the evening or using the dryer for a quick clothes refresh, you can do so without the guilt and cost of peak power rates. It’s freedom powered by the sun!

And here’s a sunny thought: as energy costs climb, the payback on solar and batteries gets quicker, and with the move away from Gas to an all-electric future, we’ll soon see batteries as an everyday appliance.

Being battery-equipped sets you ahead. Less grid drama, consistent backup power, and a reduced carbon footprint – what’s not to love?

While we all aim for that bill with a big zero, the best fit for your home and lifestyle is key.

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Chantel Gilbert

Author: Chantel Gilbert

Chantel brings her professional qualifications, entrepreneurial edge and passion for customer service together in her role as General Manager of Bluegum Electrical Solutions. Chantel is our go-to for all things to with the Solar Rebates and is a pro at dealing with PowerCor & Jemena. She is challenging the stereotypes in the trade industry and surprising their customers with quality and kindness.

Along the way, Chantel has bagged multiple Excellence in Customer Service Awards on behalf of Bluegum and is the proud recipient of the 2016 Young Business Person of the Year.

Whether she is on the netball court, at the gym or out bushwalking, Chantel is always thinking about the next innovative step for Bluegum and how they can continue to raise the bar and exceed their customer’s expectations.