Is your evaporative cooler safe? – CFA report

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We treat our evaporative coolers like a long lost friend when the seasons change and the heat sets in, however we can often forget to look after them once the weather starts cooling down. It’s important to maintain your system for its longevity and long term cost efficiency but there is a far more important reason to book in your annual service – SAFETY! With the unit mostly hidden from view most home owners often simply forget there is a big unit up there collecting dust and dirt.

The CFA State fire investigation coordinator Nicole Harvey, recently urged residents to have their evaporative coolers and split system air-conditioners serviced to ensure:

  •     They are operating at maximum efficiency, and
  •     To help prevent electrical faults or fire.

Over the last few months the CFA has attended many house fires started by the beloved evaporative cooler. These incidents may have been prevented had the units been checked more regularly.

Bluegum clients are often surprised with the increase in effectiveness of their cooler after a service and shocked by the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate up there. Annual servicing not only allow us to check for any safety issues, it keeps your unit in good working condition to ensure it’s there for you when you need it most.

For added safety, we also recommend that you check the latest Evaporative Cooler Recall List and if your unit is on the list, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

Simply call us today to book in your evaporative cooler service – We service all areas from Sunbury to Essendon, making sure your house is safe.

Chantel Gilbert

Author: Chantel Gilbert

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