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How to keep warm without heating up your bill

How to keep warm without heating up your bill

With these chilly mornings, getting out of bed can be hard… Instead of freezing your way through breakfast, you can stay warm without blowing the budget.

Here are our top 5 tips to keep warm this winter.

1. Avoid blow heater & panel heaters.

While they are a convenient solution at the time, they usually have a consistent draw of power while they’re on.  If you have a fire but looking for some quick heat over breakfast or when you just don’t feel like getting wood, A split system is a great way to complete your heating solution.

2. Consider a split system

Split system reverse cycle air-conditioners uses inverter technology to regulate its energy consumption depending on what’s required. For example, a 7kW split system can operate between 1.1kW and 8.3kW depending on the needs of the room. Unlike a blow or panel heater, which have a consistent draw of electricity often causing that dreaded spike in your bill, even when used in conjunction with a wood fire.

3. Gas Vs Electricity debate

With the cost of gas increasing and the burning of fossil fuels, using electricity to heat your home is starting to become the more popular and sustainable option. With a split system, you can use your own solar or purchase renewable power from your retailer. A great addition to your wood fire, perfect for when you get home late or want to warm up over breakfast quickly.

4. Take back control.

Use your heating to its capacity by setting timers to go offer after 2 hours when you go to bed, or to turn on in the morning before you wake up cold. If you have a ducted heater with a basic control board, you can always look at updating it to get more control. With a Wifi split system,  you can even a ‘rule’ set to turn the heating on if it falls below 14 degrees between 8 PM and 8 AM, a real ‘set and forget’ solution without breaking the bank.

5. Consider a Bathroom Tastic

Chilly in the bathroom, heat lamps are your friend. Using a ‘tastic’ or 3 in 1 fitting, with light, heat and fan, gives you the ability to take the chill off in the bathroom. Because these don’t run all day or for long periods, they’re pretty good on the bill front.