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Are Power-boards Safe?

Are Power-boards Safe?

Power-boards, have become a common item in most Australian house-holds. But are they safe? Power-boards certainly have a place in this world, however they are many circumstances regarding incorrect use and overloads that can cause fatal disasters! For example in 2008 a $3 power-board was responsible for a million dollar fire at the iconic IL Gabero Restaurant on Lygon Street. Ultimately if your using power-boards you need to consider the installation of new power-points throughout your home. However for those appropriate circumstances and to help keep you safe the mean time we’ve prepared a few things you to consider to help you use power-boards safely.

What can you do to avoid an overload?

Your home should have one or more power circuits back to your switchboard, these have a limit on them, and allocate that circuit a certain amount of power. By plugging in power-boards and multiple appliances you are risking overloading the circuit and appliance, with potential to lose power to your home and in severe case cause a fire. Although we don’t condone the use of power-boards we understand that sometimes they may just be the practical solution, so here’s a few things to live by to reduce your risk of an overload.

  • Don’t connect appliances with high electricity use, such as portable heaters, clothes dryers, washing machines, fridges or TV’s
  • Don’t ‘piggy back’, multiple adapters, and extension leads, plugging one power-board into another is very dangerous!
  • Don’t use power-boards outside, in dusty environments or in wet areas such as the bathroom
  • Don’t use a damaged or wet power-board
  • Don’t use power-boards as a substitute for permanent power-points

If overloaded, power-boards can trip your power causing a black out and in serve cases even cause a fire. So think twice before loading them up, and consider if you need a permanent power-point installed.

Use them for the right purpose

If you don’t have surge protection on your switchboard. Power-boards that are designed that have surge protection within them, can be great option for plugging your computer in, or more valuable low energy appliances, such as your TV. Always buy a reputable brand, and ensure they meet Australian standards, don’t try on skimp on a product that can cause a house fire. Remember they are not designed to be a permanent solution so if you are wanting to protect your appliances long term, you may wish to consider surge protection on your switchboard, and the installation of permanent power-points to meet your needs.

What safety precautions should I take if do choose to use a power-board?

  • Always ensure that plugs fit firmly unto the power-board sockets
  • Regularly check the power-board for any signs of damage or discolouring
  • Always make sure there is sufficient ventilation around the power-board
  • Ensure you keep power-boards out of reach of children and pets
  • Ensure there is a safety switch to protect the circuit the power-board is plugged into
  • Strongly consider the installation of a permanent power-point, so you don’t need to use a power-board
  • Always ensure your power-boards are kept clean and dust free, as built up dust over time can enter the socket outlet and cause a fire.

An example of a four gang power-pointIt’s important to remember power-boards are a temporary solution, if you need them around the house, you should consider the installation of permanent power-points. Have a look around your home to see where you can remove power-boards and install a permanent power point. Don’t forget you can have a 4 gang power-point to ensure there room for all your appliances.


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