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Safety Switches – Do I really need them?

Safety Switches – Do I really need them?

My house has been fine for many years, do I really need to upgrade them now?

We come across this often and we completely understand where you’re coming from. You’ve lived in your house for 15 years or more, without any issues, so why do you need to upgrade now?

‘If it was good enough then, it’s good enough now’

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

When they were originally installed ceramic fuses were great for distributing power to your home, but they are now outdated. Combined with wiring that is also ageing, this puts your safety and home at a higher risk.

What faults can occur?

As your circuits and cables age, you are more likely to have faults and for damage to arise. A fault can occur for a variety of reasons –  lack of protection, wearing of cable insulation, poor installation, damage from additional upgrades at the property, faulty appliances, water leaks or even from wildlife hiding out in your roof.

Why is this a risk?

Old ceramic fuses are simply not designed to protect your home or keep you safe in the event of a fault. Fortunately, technology has evolved and we now have circuit breakers and safety switches. These will trip when a fault is detected, protecting your home and keeping you safe.

What does a safety switch actually do?

A safety switch protects you and your family from electrical shocks. They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and when they detect a problem or fault that may pose a risk to personal safety, it automatically turns your power off within 0.03 seconds, keeping you safe. Other devices like circuit breakers or surge protection do not provide personal protection, which is why you need safety switches. To find out more, you can read our blog on the difference between a safety switch and circuit breaker.

Before and after of old fuses and new safety switches
Before and after of old ceramic fuses and new switchboard.

Call us for your free safety inspection

Not sure what to look for? Many people don’t – safety switches can come in many forms and it can be difficult to tell them apart. We offer free safety inspections to check your current switchboard and identify any risks you may have.

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