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Melbourne is famous for its extreme weather conditions: rainy one day, sweltering the next. Bluegum help you create a comfortable home environment no matter the season with their professional peace of mind split system air conditioning installation service.


Is your family getting hot under the collar?

As summer heats up don’t let the heat get to you. A hot home can cause a cranky family, over tired kids, and nowhere to unwind in comfort. So if you want to keep your family cool this summer and don’t know where to start, we have the right solution for you! Book your Free Cool Home Consult today!

Book your FREE Cool Home Consult (valued at $225)

Your Free Cool Home Consult includes:

  • Onsite consultation with one of Bluegum’s Arctick certified AC installers
  • Clarifying your family’s needs
  • Establishing suitable cooling options for your home
  • Room review, based on preferred location and cooling area
  • Verify suitability for indoor and outdoor unit locations
  • Personalized sizing and brand recommendations
  • Electrical Inspection, including switchboard safety check
  • Establish sufficient power availability
  • Provide comprehensive, fixed price quote for your preferred cooling solution

Personalised Recommendations

Bluegum takes the time to get to know your family and home so our recommendations are personalised to you, rather than a one size fits all approach.

5 year guarantee

A new air conditioner is a long term investment, so it’s important to get a quality install using the right materials. At Bluegum we only use the best parts available to give you a long term solution. Which we guarantee for five years!

Complete Solution

No need to deal with multiple trades, our electricians hold additional qualifications and are Arctick certified, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Clean up guarantee

Offering an amazing trade experience is essential at Bluegum. We guarantee to leave your home clean, if you don’t feel this is the case, we’ll arrange a professional cleaner for you.

Shopping around for air conditioning?

What’s the biggest mistake some people make?

When you’re looking for air conditioning, online product reviews (although valuable) are a one size fits all approach. They can’t give you personalised recommendations to suit your needs and your home’s install requirements.

It can cost you thousands of dollars if you have a wrong size system installed that can’t keep you cool when you need it most.

Get the right solution for YOU!

A Cool Home Consult will look at all your options and provide appropriate recommendations personalised to your family and home.

Air-conditioning and Split System Installation

Is the Cool Home Consult right for me?

Our Cool Home Consult is for those wanting a complete solution tailored to their home and needs. This is for you if:

  • You want to make sure you get the right brand and size for your needs
  • You want a complete solution, guaranteed to last.
  • You want expert advice and recommendations based on your needs and home.
  • You don’t want to waste time dealing with pushy sales reps who have no idea about your home and wants, let alone the installation requirements.
  • You want sound advice on cooling your home and a fixed price for a complete solution that you can make an informed decision on.

Arctick Certification Number AU39146

Book your FREE Cool Home Consult

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What happens next?

One of our Award-Winning customer service team, will give you a call to arrange a suitable time for the inspection and answer any further questions you have. One of our fully qualified technicians will then attend site at the agreed time and complete the consult, providing personalised recommendations for your family’s needs.