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How to maintain your smoke alarms

How to maintain your smoke alarms

Have you ever replaced your smoke alarm? Did you know they expire? Smoke alarms only save lives if their working. Just changing the batteries might not be enough. Click here to find out what you need to do to keep your family safe.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Smoke alarms are one of the best safety devices in your home and they really do save lives. As much as we’d all like to think a house fire is something that would never happen to us, you need to be prepared.

“Smoke alarms are not a set and forget sort of thing”

Smoke alarms are only good, if maintained properly overtime. So we’ve put together a few things you need to know on how and when to check them. If you’re still unsure you can simply call us on 1300 306 342 for a free safety inspection.

When was the last time you checked your smoke alarm?

Smoke alarms are battery operated even though most operate from the mains power they still have a battery back up, so they can still work in the event of a black out. As such, the battery must be checked regularly and often replaced to ensure it will still work if there’s a fire. It is important you know how and when to check and maintain your smoke alarms to ensure the best protection for your family and home.

What do I need to do?

Looking after your smoke alarm isn’t hard, it’s a matter of four key things you need to do:

      1. Test Regularly

We recommend you test your smoke alarm and battery back up every few months. To test your smoke alarm press and hold the test/hush button on the unit, this can be done using a ladder or even a broom handle. If your smoke alarm is connected to the mains power, make sure you turn the lighting circuit off first (if you don’t you’re not testing the battery). Your light circuit should be labelled in your switchboard. The alarm should sound indicating the unit is functioning properly. You can also buy a can of smoke from your local hardware store if you prefer. If the unit fails to respond, change the battery immediately and test again. If still no response, call a qualified electrician to arrange a replacement.

      2. Clean the alarm

While you’re already testing the alarm make sure you give it a quick clean, don’t worry you don’t have to scrub it just brush it over with a broom, dust pan brush or give it a quick vacuum. This will remove any dust or insect ingress, as such avoid any unwanted false alarms in the middle of the night.

       3. Replace the battery

Regardless of whether it’s still working batteries don’t last forever and will likely fail after 12 months so you need to replace the battery in your smoke alarms each year. This ensures they’ll be working whenever the risk of fire might arise. We recommend using daylight savings as a great reminder as you’ll be changing the clocks already. It doesn’t matter what you use as a reminder it could even be your birthday, just find something that works for you and make a habit of it every year.

      4. Replace old units with new – Did you know smoke alarms expire?

Smoke alarms have a limited lifetime of ten years. After that period there is no guarantee they’ll still function properly. If you don’t know how old your smoke alarms are or know it’s been more than ten years, make sure you call a licensed electrician to arrange a replacement.

Remember smoke alarms only save lives if they’re working!

So don’t risk it, it’s as simple as putting it in your diary. A date to test & clean them every few months, and date to change the batteries each year. Is you’re home is more than 10 years old? Have you ever replaced your smoke alarms? Simply book in for a free quote today, and our electrician can test them for you, and teach you how for next time.

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