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The 10 steps to your Solar installation

The 10 steps to your Solar installation

The road to happily ever after with your Solar panels can be overwhelming and time consuming, but not when you know our 10 steps to your perfect Solar solution!

Step 1: On-site consultation

  • Includes a property inspection, understanding your expectations and preferences, and reviewing your bills and data from your electricity meter.

Step 2: Solar Design & Proposal

  • Your solar system is custom designed based on your site visit, budget, suitable roof space, your unique consumption profile (generated from your electricity meter data) and much more.A solar pre-approval is also completed if required.

Step 3: Proposal Review

  • Phone consult to discuss recommendations made, any consideration and make any changes you request.

Step 4: Deposit Payment

  • To lock in your price and place in the queue $1,000.

Step 5: Vic Gov Rebate Paperwork

  • Submitting your Vic Gov Rebate paperwork online.Bluegum Clients receive a help pack and phone support to ensure a painless process.

Step 6: Approval and booking your solar install

  • Receiving approval for the rebate and locking in a suitable installation date. (Progress payment due)

Step 7: Installation completed

  • Your solar is up and running and you’ll have access to your system via the app, includes client walk through upon completion and final payment.At this point you can use your solar, however, you won’t be exporting to the grid, just yet.

Step 8: Solar Inspection

  • A legal requirement for your safety, where every solar installation has to be Independently inspected, by an electrical inspector who signs off on your certificate of electrical safety in addition to your installer.

Step 9: Meter Reconfiguration

  • Once your certificate is received, we submit the paperwork to your distributor (PowerCor or Jemena) to reconfigure your meter.You then receive a call from your retailer (Eg. Red Energy) to approve the cost approximately $60.They then have 30 days to reconfigure the meter, which is done electronically off-site.

Step 10: Make the most of your solar power.

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