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Why do my light globes keep blowing?

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Why do my light globes keep blowing?

This is a common question that frustrated clients ask! Globes always tend to blow at the worst of times and if you have globes that blow frequently, it could be time to find out why.

Here are a few reasons as to why this might be happening.

1. Your globes are too cheap

You get what you pay for and if you buy globes for $1 at your local bargain store, don’t be surprised when they blow. It’s likely that have substandard filament and materials manufactured at the lowest cost. They work up to a point, at which the fail at the most inconvenient times. It’s often only a few cents or a dollar more, so don’t skimp on globes and buy a reputable brand from an appropriate store.

2. Your globes are too hot

Halogen globes produce heat, which is why we recommend energy-saving globes or even LED if it’s affordable. If you need halogens, or already have them and can’t work out why they’re not lasting, it is most likely because there is nowhere for the heat to go. If they’re insulated or installed in areas where they’re covered over completely, the heat is trapped and will significantly reduce the life of the globe.

3. Fan light globes have a harder life

Fan light globes can blow faster because of two reasons: the vibration of the fan and the glass covering over the globes. This limits the space for any heat produced to escape and reduces the life of the globe.

4. Incandescent light globes inherently have less longevity

Incandescent globes are no longer your best option and have a much shorter lifespan. As each one blows, or in one go if it’s affordable, change over to energy efficient globes or LED globes.

5. LED globes blowing

LED globes are designed to have a long lifespan and shouldn’t be blowing. If they are, they may have been installed incorrectly or you may have purchased cheap, poorly made globes. Stick to reputable brands, they are worth the extra few cents.

If your globes are still causing you trouble and you’ve replaced them with new quality globes, then you may need a licensed electrician to investigate further. You may have issues due to damaged cables, too many lights on one circuit or another unidentified electrical fault that you can’t see.


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