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Winter Recalls – You need to know!

Winter Recalls – You need to know!

It’s time again to bring you the latest recalls for the season. Products are usually recalled due to safety concerns, some minor, others more severe so it’s always good to know what’s happening when it comes to recalls.

Here’s our latest list of the important electrical recalls. If you are interested in seeing more recalls you can visit:


1. IKEA – Gothic Lamp

IKEA has recalled this lamp due to potential risk of electric shock. There are damaged cables within some of the products that, when in contact with the metal lamp, may become electrical live and pose a serious safety hazard. If you have one of these lamps please stop using it immediately and return it to IKEA for a full refund as soon as possible.

2. ALDI – Kuchef Digital Glass Kettle

ALDI has recalled this kettle due to potential risk of scalding. The kettle’s handle may come loose and detach from the body. If you have one of these, immediately cease use and return it to ALDI for a refund.

3. Masters Home Improvement – Search Light Fittings

Masters has recalled three models of search light fittings due to potential risk of electrical shock. These fittings do not comply with AS/NZS 60598.1:2013 standards and were available for sale between September 2011 to February 2016. These include:

·             Searchlight – Sel Bolsena Single Spotlight [90003845]

·             Searchlight – SEL Bolsena 3Lt Bar Spotlight [900038406]

·             Searchlight – SEL Bolsena 4Lt Sqr Plt Spotlight [900038407]

If you have these light fittings installed, you need to contact Masters’ customer service on 1300 337 707, where arrangement will be made for an inspection by an electrician. Do not attempt to uninstall the light fittings yourself.

4. Kmart – 20cm Chrome Round Green Fan

This fan has been recalled due to the potential risk of electric shock. Damage to the on/off switch through dropping or kicking could cause the switch to become live with 240V AC. If you have this fan, you should cease use immediately and return the product to a Kmart store for a full refund.

5. Target – Essentials Fan Heater

This heater, like other portable heaters over the years, has been recalled due to fire risk. The heater element and fan assembly could break away from the heater casing. If you have this heater you should cease using it immediately and return it to Target for a full refund. You can read more about how to use portable heaters safety here.

6. Glen Dimplex Australian Pty Ltd – Portable Air Conditioner

Models GDC18RWA & GDC18RBA have been recalled due to smoke and fire risk if overheated. If used for extended duration there is potential for the motor capacitor to overheat. If you have one of the air conditioners you should cease using it immediately and contact Glen Dimplex Australia on 1300 556 816.

7. J&M Communication P/L – Jama Universal Travel Adaptor

This adaptor has a potential risk of fire and/or electrical shock when used as it is not approved for use in Australia and may not comply with Australian Electrical standards. If you’ve purchased one of these you should return the product to the place of purchase or email for a direct refund.

If you’re concerned about a faulty electrical appliance or know something’s not right, don’t risk it – stop using it and replace it as soon as possible.

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