Josh Gilbert

Director of Operations& Co-founder
Joshua Gilbert – Bluegum Electrical Solutions

“There’s are few things more satisfying than returning power to a client’s home after a fault. Finding safe, timely solutions to our customer’s most essential needs is at the heart of our business.”

Say hello to Josh, Bluegum’s ace in the pack. With his hands-on expertise in electrical, air conditioning, and solar solutions, Josh is no normal sparky; he’s a CEC-accredited solar and battery installer and an Arctick-certified air conditioning technician giving him a unique holistic approach to your energy. He has a reputation as the go-to expert for all things home energy.

Josh is a stickler for quality and durability. He’s the kind of guy who’s always prepared – whether it’s having spare parts on hand or ensuring his phone’s always charged. He’s often the first one up on the roof, ready to lend a hand to his team. His real strength? Tailoring home energy solutions that fit just right for each client, treating every home as if it were his own.

When he’s off the clock, Josh is all about adventure and family. Whether it’s soaring the skies as a paraglider or his tropical fish tank, he’s always on the move, exploring life with the same enthusiasm he brings to Bluegum.